Nurture Native Trees

Fairfax ReLeaf, Inc. is an independent, 501c(3) non-profit organization of volunteers who plant and preserve trees, improve community appearance and restore habitat on public and common land in Northern Virginia. Fairfax ReLeaf serves as a practical laboratory for assessing techniques to lessen the impact of development on the environment in one of the most rapidly changing forest/urban interface areas in the country.

Our goals are to restore large numbers of native trees on public and common land where funding for landscaping is lacking and nothing would otherwise be planted and to educate government and the public about the values and benefits of the urban forest.

We operate through enlisting volunteer workers and support from interested civic groups, youth, Scouts, local businesses, churches and schools.

Top Donors of Tree Seedlings

Justin Mangis

Teresa Martínez & Vidal Martínez-B

Stacey Yike

Mike Sandler