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Fall Seedling Orders begin October 15th

Thank you for your interest in our fall tree seedling distributions. Orders can begin to be placed on October 15th. We will not honor any requests received before then.
To start planning your order, see our available species list below. Please note some stock is limited. Based on when your order is received we may not be able to fully fill your order.
We will begin filling orders on a first come, first serve basis once we receive our stock from suppliers in November.


Arrowwood Viburnum

Black Chokeberry



Dogwood, Gray

Elderberry, Black



Small Trees (>30′ at maturity)

American Hazelnut

American Hornbeam

Northern Bayberry (limited stock)

Pawpaw (limited stock)

Persimmon (limited stock)


River Birch


Washington Hawthorn (limited stock)


Winterberry Holly

Medium Trees (30-70’ at maturity)

American Beech (limited stock)

Black Gum

Mulberry (limited stock)

Red Maple

Swamp White Oak

Willow Oak

Large trees (>70’ at maturity)

Black Walnut (limited stock)

Loblolly Pine

Red Oak


Not sure what trees to select?

Check out this guide from the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation on native plants or search for details on a particular tree through the Chesapeake Bay Native Plant Center.

Not sure how to plant your tree seedlings?

Watch this video by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

You can also visit USDA NRCS Plant Database for photos and species description details.